Audit, Expertise and Consulting

For nearly 50 years, GROUPE CONSEIL UNIONGROUPE CONSEIL UNION has assisted its customers and helped them through the various key stages of their evolution and development.. 



audit, under its legal (“commissariat aux comptes”) or contractual form, represents today our main activity. 

Being your Auditor is a long-term commitment, primarily concerned with your interest.

Corporate Finance

The Corporate Finance speciality brings together, without any intermediation services, operational services of investigation, financial engeneering, consultancy, valuation and negotiation services required to ensure that your acquisition, sale, reorganisation and business transfer operations are successful.

Consolidation and Accounting Standards

With over 25 years experience and more than 50 consolidations, our specialists have completed their field of operation with international accounting standards expertise, US GAAP, then IFRS, and built a technical committee offering consultancy services in accounting standards.

Management consultancy

In addition to our advisory activity on taxation, social management, consolidation, accounting standards and corporate finance, we also intervene on matters such as organisation, internal and management control. Multidisciplinarity, methodology, communication, pragmatism, proximity and overall vision of the business are the qualities, in particular inherited from our audit and accounting expertise fundamental knowledge, that we implement in this type of assignment.

Social requirements

Social management, one of GROUPE CONSEIL UNION specialities
Hyper regulation, control, economic significance, intricacy, …, social management has taken central role in businesses, as well as become an integral part of the GROUPE CONSEIL UNION activities.


We deal with all accounting, administrative, taxation, social and legal obligations, in order to ease the burden on businesses and enable them to focus entirely on their activities.


Taxation issues, a traditional activity of GROUPE CONSEIL UNION
Pervasive throughout business activities, taxation issues are at the core of many economic decisions. It has been a traditional activity of the GROUPE CONSEIL UNION, whether for professional or individual assistance, and at national and international levels.

Listed Companies

The “small & mid caps” specialist
For some twenty years, GROUPE CONSEIL UNION has been auditing, assisting or advising family or financial held groups for the management of their dealings with the stock market. Its involvement in many stock market operations and its competence in the IFRS, but also in securities and market regulations, all combined with its experience in dealing with small and medium sized Groups, has provided it with a rare knowledge and understanding of the listed “small & mid caps”, from the free market to Eurolist.